Communication, outreach and engagement

CIFOR’s communication strategy goes beyond one-way knowledge sharing. We foster discussion and analysis of our research through global events and clear, dynamic and measurable pathways to impact.

24% increase in Forests News views over the past two years with 620K views in 2016.
15% increase over the past year in PDF downloads with over 1M downloads in December 2016.
Source: AWstats
2,000 media articles about CIFOR as of December 2016.
8.3% increase in views and 2% increase in views of library pages; 1.2M total views of, 357K views of library pages as of December 2016.
26% increase in Facebook page likes with 43K page likes and 148% increase in Facebook likes with cumulative 52K likes in December 2016.
25% increase in Twitter followers over the past year with 44.5K followers in December 2016.
28% increase in YouTube video views over the past year with 721K cumulative views in December 2016.
27% increase in Flickr photo views over the past year with 9.7M cumulative views in December 2016.
105% increase in SlideShare views over the past year with 417K in December 2016.
24% increase in LinkedIn followers over the past year with 6.3K followers in December 2016.
17 major events organized or supported in 2016.

Top 2016 events

Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)

  • The Investment Case – London
  • Marrakesh

The Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit

IUCN World Conservation Congress

IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania

United Nations Climate Change Conference COP22

Building better writers

CIFOR helps journalists and youth get stories on complex scientific research out to their audiences – and to get them right.

Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit 2016

A two-day journalist training workshop was provided for regional media partners before the start of the event, with 17 participants from across the Asia-Pacific joining the training sessions and field trips into the rainforest.

Global Landscapes Forum – Youth in Landscapes Initiative

  • 500+ Youth trained in facilitation, pitching and landscapes theory and practice
  • Social reporters’ boot camps
  • Journalist training
  • Workshops with national partners

Photo by B. Kristanty/CIFOR.