Photo credits

Homepage photos

  • Main photo by A. Erlangga/CIFOR: Smallholder village near Mount Halimun Salak National Park, West Java.
  • Best of 2016 photo by N. Sujana/CIFOR.
  • Gender across CIFOR’s work photo by I. Cooke Viera/CIFOR.
  • Climate change, energy and low-carbon development photo by N. Palmer/CIAT.
  • Equal opportunities, gender, justice and tenure photo by G. Smith/CIAT.
  • Forest management and restoration photo by L. Putzel/CIFOR.
  • Forests and human well-being photo by T. Munita/CIFOR.
  • Sustainable landscapes and food photo by jbdodane/Flickr creative commons.
  • Value chains, finance and investments photo by M. Edliadi/CIFOR.
  • About CIFOR photo by CIFOR.