2016 Achievements

  • CIFOR wrapped up a major project on benefit sharing – the fair division of benefits gained from conserving forests to lower carbon emissions (REDD+). For over four years, this research contributed directly to Peru’s national REDD+ benefit sharing strategy, a monitoring and evaluation system for environmental compensation in Vietnam’s Son La province, and a high-level policy dialogue in Indonesia. Results are summed up in an online tool, and research is continuing in Burkina Faso, Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) and other countries.
  • Swidden – a traditional farming practice of shifting cultivation – has a bad reputation for deforestation, but it can be a very adaptive form of social forestry. CIFOR’s demand-driven research and training in Indonesia, Lao PDR and Vietnam focused on finding ways for swidden communities to participate meaningfully in, and benefit from REDD+ and other programs, contributing to the ASEAN-Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change.

The process is as important as the outcome. Having proper consultations and sharing full information with local communities and stakeholders can help to create buy-in.

Grace Wong, from PFES and REDD+ in Vietnam – A two-pronged approach to forest conservation

Expert analysis

  • As Indonesia moves closer to the third phase of REDD+, there are growing calls for policy makers to address gender considerations in national policies. To address these concerns, CIFOR and the Indonesian Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection jointly released recommendations on how to ensure REDD+ benefits are shared equally between men and women.
  • A cornerstone of the REDD+ approach is rewarding those who can show evidence of avoiding deforestation. But getting that evidence is a challenge. To help bridge that gap, CIFOR released lessons learned from extensive research in REDD+ countries across the tropics.
  • Rubber can be produced sustainably, despite economic, social and environmental challenges. CIFOR researchers outlined three key measures to overcome these hurdles in both in Myanmar and Lao PDR.

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Global outreach

Engaging with their peers and others through presentations, news stories, videos, and at events across the globe, CIFOR scientists shared the latest findings on social forestry, REDD+ benefits and gender in forest-dependent communities.

Photo by O. Girard/CIFOR.

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